​ The Essential Exterior Door Maintenance Checklist

​ The Essential Exterior Door Maintenance Checklist

Jan 10th 2023

The exterior doors of your home are capable of attracting positive or negative attention, especially your front door. Exterior doors that get worn down will certainly attract negative attention and cause your door to function improperly. This is where doing regular maintenance comes into play. Since exterior doors are always exposed to the elements, they tend to be susceptible to degradation which can leave you in layers of ruin. What you need to do to prevent this is invest time and energy in maintenance practices.

How Often Will Your Door Need Maintenance?

For the best results, it is recommended that you receive yearly maintenance for all of your exterior doors. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances that may require you to repair or replace your door which means forgoing the maintenance for that time. Regular maintenance means you can catch expensive issues sooner and prevent long term damage.

So what sort of maintenance should you do? Maintenance will depend on a few things:

  • Door style
  • If the door has glass
  • Material of the door

So once you take into account the factors in play, you can start ticking off the essential items found on the following checklist.

Clean Your Door

Proper door maintenance cannot truly begin without the process of cleaning. Depending on your exterior door's style and what material it's made of, your door should be cleaned with either mild and water, or specific cleaning products. If you're unsure about which cleaning process to follow, simply follow the instructions based on the door manufacturer.

Inspect Glass

If your exterior door has glass panes, those will need to inspected and maintained. One thing to look out for is any sort of fog occurring between the panes. Fogging between the panes may be a sign of failure with the seal. Many modern exterior doors that have glass are often double or triple paned to help with insulation.

Failure with the seal often happens when the seal begins to break down. Since the panes are typically separated by gas to assist in insulating the house, breakdown of the seal causes the gas to escape which lets moisture and air in between the panes. Seal failure means the door is no longer as energy efficient. If this happens, you will need to contact professionals to evaluate your exterior door situation.

Inspect the Seal

Exterior doors that have improper sealing and caulking means they are susceptible to a barrage of issues caused by the elements. Improper sealing can cause drafts entering your home and even rot due to water damage. If you notice drafts and rot, you will need to strip the seal and replace it as soon as you are able. The proper caulk and weatherstripping will allow your home and door to keep out air and the elements, even in the most extreme of weather conditions.

Inspect the Hardware

Hardware may include any screws, bolts, hinges, and handles that may be on your door. Over time these can become loose and cause your door to perform its duties poorly. All you need to do is check the hardware you have to ensure things are tight and in working order. If you find that your hardware is becoming worn or rusted, you will need to replace them them with hardware that is rated for exterior doors.

Inspect Paint/Stain

Exterior doors are exposed to the elements 24/7, which means paint can peel or crack. This can also be due to having the improper type of paint on the surface. If you notice any signs of wear, it's time to sand the door down to repaint or re-stain. You will need a paint or stain that is able to withstand the elements in addition to applying it in the right temperature ranges to ensure adequate results.

After you paint or stain your door, you will want to seal the door with a UV resistant seal. The harsh rays of the sun can cause even the best of paints and stains to fade and wear away. To best preserve the paint or stain, it's recommended to seal the door at least once per year.

Check Off Your List

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