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Your front door is the first thing any guest will see. Our custom doors inspire your imagination and ship free, opening your remodel up to a wondrous world of possibilities. Turn those heads and catch those eyes, because you and your home are something to be proud of.

  • Absolutely gorgeous door! Very nice quality wood, beautiful flemish glass. Adds so much light yet remains private with the texture on glass. All of our neighbors have Complemented it. Highly recommended!

    Lindsey- Syracuse, NY
  • This door was perfect! The packaging protected the door in transit and it arrived in perfect condition. Lots of compliments from friends and neighbors. Big uplift in the appeal of the home. Best of all my wife loves it!!

    James- Provo, UT
  • Purchased 3. I was worried that they wouldn’t coordinate with our other custom wood doors. However, these perfectly coordinate. These doors are very well made. The unfinished wood and glass are both high quality. Stains well.

    Steph- Owens Cross Roads, AL
  • It is heavy duty hardware and I love it. Haven't installed it yet

    Cyndi- Durango, CO
  • I had a solid dark fiberglass door prior to ordering this door and the hallway was so dark and blah! I was a little hesitant to order this door bc I didn’t know if I’d feel like I was living in a fish bowl. Definitely NOT the case! It is totally obscured glass and even better, very efficient with the sun hitting on it all afternoon! (Living in AZ I was worried but it is just as cool as the solid fiberglass). This is a very solid door, high quality. They even send you stain so if you have to trim it you can match the door with the stain they give you! If you were to buy a door like this from any other door company it would be 6k-8k (I used to sell them, I know!) LOVE this door!!!❤️

    Cheryl- Sun City, AZ
  • Awesome door. Very well made and we get a lot of compliments.

    Geoffrey- Edgewater, MD
  • The entry set is so beautiful! We haven't installed them yet as we are waiting on new front doors, but it is very elegant and heavy, sturdy material. It’s going to look amazing!

    Stacie- Charleston, SC
  • Im so excited over this door! Wasn’t super hard to install door or the handle. It’s exactly what that space needed! Let’s the perfect amount of light in. Very happy with this door!

    Holly- Indianapolis, IN
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Say goodbye to scouring third-party websites for a door you can’t trust. Knockety knocks out the middleman—providing fairly priced, US-assembled, quality-guaranteed front doors that ship direct to your door in just one click.

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