Buying a door online is easy! Knockety can help you select the right door for your home in just a few easy steps:


  1. What type of door should you choose?    Solid Wood?  Fiberglass? 
      • Solid Wood Doors are perfect for that classic look and feel.
      • Fiberglass Doors are a great choice when your door will be exposed to harsh elements like water, wind, and sunlight.
  1. Know your door opening dimensions


  1. Visit to choose your door. Click on a door to view prices, options, and additional information.


  1. Answer a few important questions that will guide you along the way.
      • Building Codes?  These codes may include that the doors need to be fire safety, impact resistance or windstorm rated.
      • Handing and Swing?
      • Where will your door be located on the home?
      • Door (Slab) Only?...or Door Pre-Hung in Frame (for a rough opening)


  1. Place your order, select a shipping option, and wait for your beautiful door to arrive.