Narrow Profile Fiberglass Doors

Narrow Profile Fiberglass Doors

Knockety's Narrow Profile Fiberglass series are sleek, ultra-modern doors that provide a minimalist and contemporary look for any entryway of your home!

Both Narrow Profile TDL and SDL doors feature...

  • solid core construction
  • skin twice as thick as our other door skins at 5mm thick
  • smooth surfaces excellent for painting
  • available with all Palette Collection door finish options
  • top and bottom rails made from 100% recycled content are totally rot-resistant and waterproof

Narrow Profile TDL doors are constructed with separate Insulated Glass blocks, available in 3 configurations and 3 glass textures. These NP TDL doors can be purchased as an individual slab or a complete pre-hung door unit and accept most brands of door hardware, including multipoint lock systems.

Narrow Profile SDL doors have 1 large insulated glass panel with Simulated Divided Lite muntin bars (SDL bars), simulating the divided look of a true divided lite door. These NP SDL doors come in 4 configurations and 2 glass texture options, are pre-hung only, and use only multipoint hardware.

The images of all finish options shown throughout this website offer only an indication of the final appearance and due to the natural variations in fiberglass, the actual appearance may vary. If you'd like to see the finishes in person before ordering a door, finish samples are available for purchase.