4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe During Extreme Weather

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe During Extreme Weather

Sep 13th 2022

Once extreme weather hits, there’s little to nothing that you can do except hunker down and wait for it to pass. However, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do beforehand. In most cases, extreme weather comes with a warning which means you have some time to prepare your home and keep it safe. Let's explore some tips to keep in mind next time you need to prepare for extreme weather.

Keep Track of Your Insurance Policies

Before you do anything, you’re going to want to look over the insurance policies that you have on your home and property. The average homeowner’s policy likely does not cover extreme weather, so be sure to review what you need and what you currently have as it applies to coverage.

These insurance policies will make sure that you’re covered for any losses and damages that are caused by extreme weather. This includes, but is not limited to, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes, and more. In addition to getting insurance, make lists and document what belongings you have that you want to be covered. Keep that, and all important documentation in the home, in a fire and waterproof safe.

Store Away Outdoor Furniture

If you know that a major storm is coming, bring in or put away outdoor furniture. If you leave your outdoor furniture and toys out in the open, they can be blown around or damaged. If the winds are strong enough, the furniture can even collide with your home and windows, causing greater damage.

Inspect Your Surroundings

Check your gutters ahead of time. If your gutters are clogged and full of debris, this will prevent water from flowing, thus flowing down the walls of your home and causing extensive water damage. If you have large trees in your yard, you’re going to need to trim them down before any major storm. If the winds are strong enough, your home may suffer from flying tree debris.

You will also want to ensure that all drains are clear of clogs. This includes sewer drains, landscaping drains, and other drainage systems at or near your home. Without clear drains, you’re prone to heavy flooding.

Seal Doors and Windows

Check your windows and doors for any cracks in the seals. Fixing these seals will prevent wind and water from entering your home. In extreme cases, strong winds entering through your house can push upward and lift the roof. Especially if you live in hurricane-prone areas, you’ll want to invest in doors and windows that are capable of withstanding strong winds and will keep out water.

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