The Benefits of Weatherizing Your Home

The Benefits of Weatherizing Your Home

Dec 6th 2022

Ensuring that your home is well-protected and maintained is part of the weatherization process. But what exactly is weatherization and are there any major benefits to going through the process? To start, weatherization is the entire process of protecting a structure and its interior from the elements such as sunlight, rain and snow, and the wind. This can be actions such as sealing leaks, installing insulation, and replacing old fixtures with weatherproof ones. Weatherization also includes ways to reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs.

As far as the benefits of weatherization goes, this article will explore the many different benefits that come with weatherizing your home.

1. Increased Comfort

A major reason why weatherization is done is because of the feeling of drafts inside the home. It is most noticeable in the winter where you feel a cold breeze that can chill you to the bone. This is not ideal no matter what the season as you deserve to feel comfortable within your home and weatherization can help with that. All of the heat or cool air within your home will stay where it needs to be when any and all leaks are sealed and weatherproof features are installed in your home.

2. Better Health

When proper weatherization takes place, air quality tends to improve within the home. Even the smallest weatherization improvements, such as replacing old filters with can help clean the air and reduce health issues for yourself and your family. By using the proper tools such as filters will get rid of dangerous exterior contaminants that could exacerbate conditions such as asthma, seasonal allergies, and other health-related concerns.

3. Lower Energy Costs

When done properly, weatherization can save you hundreds of dollars per year on utility bills. You can use that money to fund other household projects, gifts for friends and family, or for groceries. Fixtures, appliances, and basic leaks that are well-maintained and fixed up can have a drastic effect on your wallet. Something as simple as replacing an exterior door with one that is weather-proof can prove to make a world of difference come winter time.

4. Lessens Your Carbon Footprint

In addition to lowering your energy costs, weatherization helps reduce the amount of emissions and pollution that enters the environment around you. While it may not seem like it, reducing wasted energy (such as heating and cooling) that leaks out of your home can have drastic effects on the environment around you. When you use faulty HVAC machinery that takes longer to reach optimum function, you're wasting time, energy, and money. Appliances and other equipment that is old may also still rely on fossil fuels. The best move to further lessen your carbon footprint is to make the change to green and sustainable power.

5. Improved Home Value

Green energy is growing to be the norm and buyers want a home that has as many systems and features in place that will allow them to live sustainably and responsibly. With all the work that goes into weatherization, the value of your home will increase and maybe even skyrocket. If you're ever going to put your home on the market you'll see how fast your home sells when it has features such as moisture control, well-maintained ventilation, and no evidence of leaks.

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