Product Spotlight: Urban Fiberglass Door

Product Spotlight: Urban Fiberglass Door

Mar 19th 2024

When it comes to elevating the aesthetic appeal and security of your home, the entry door plays a crucial role. presents the Urban Fiberglass Door, a stunning combination of premium craftsmanship and innovative materials, designed to impress and protect.

Unmatched Durability and Beauty

The Urban Fiberglass Door from Knockety is crafted from premium fiberglass with authentic wood grains, offering the timeless charm of wood with the added benefits of fiberglass. This innovative material ensures the door is highly resistant to moisture, warping, and other environmental factors, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting beauty and functionality.

The door's fiberglass construction is complemented by a bronze sill and hinges, enhancing both its durability and aesthetic appeal. With a variety of fiberglass finish colors available, including traditional, antique, and distressed options, homeowners have the freedom to choose a style that perfectly complements their home's architecture and design.

Customization Options

At, customization is key. The Urban Fiberglass Door can be tailored to suit your specific preferences and requirements. From selecting the perfect size and finish to choosing the glass type, swing direction, and pre-hang options, homeowners have full control over every aspect of their door's design.

With a 3/4 lite design featuring an Urban Steel grille, the door exudes sophistication and modern elegance. Measuring 1-3/4" thick and trimmable by up to 1/2" on top, bottom, and sides, it offers versatility to fit seamlessly into any entryway.

For added convenience, Knockety offers a pre-finished, pre-hung option, allowing homeowners to receive their door fully assembled and ready for installation. Bore hole prep options are also available, catering to various hardware configurations and preferences.

Upgrade Your Home Today

Transform your home's entrance with Knockety's Urban Fiberglass Door. Combining durability, beauty, and customizable features, this door is sure to make a lasting impression while providing the security and peace of mind you deserve. Visit to explore the full range of customization options and elevate your home's curb appeal today.