​How to Prepare Your Home & Yard for Spring

​How to Prepare Your Home & Yard for Spring

Mar 7th 2023

As the harsh winter weather becomes a thing of the past, your home and yard could do with some refreshing change and easy maintenance tasks. After all, just because it's not spring yet doesn't mean you can't start to get some spring cleaning done. For many, spring brings melting ice, rainfall, and the arrival of fresh leaves and plants. All of this change means getting your home and yard ready for outdoor living once again.

Let us explore the different tasks and chores you can take on in order to make the transition to spring that much easier.

Remove debris from your Gutters

The end of the fall season means that there are layers and layers of dead leaves everywhere. If you live in an area where there is a lot of snowfall in the winter, these leaves might still be under those dwindling layers of snow and ice on your yard. There may even be leaves that have accumulated within your gutter system from the wind. This is the one place you don't want leaves, as large amounts of debris can clog your gutters and prevent the free flow of water within them. Just before spring showers come is the perfect time to clean out the gutters on your property.

Clean up your Landscape

Winter means that many plants and trees become dormant and dead looking. Some parts of the greenery may even straight up die, leaving you with ugly brown sticks, branches, and leaves to deal with come springtime. Before spring arrives is the ideal time to do some landscaping and prune those diseased or dead plants. This will make for optimal seasonal curb appeal conditions as they begin to bud and bloom. If you live in an area with snow, you may need to wait until things melt in order to rake and prune your yard.

Inspect your Outdoor Living Spaces

You may have a patio, porch, or deck on your property. Since the winter typically means these spaces are used less frequently in some places, there may be areas that have fallen into disrepair due to lack of attention. As the weather warms up, you'll be able to venture out comfortably to assess the state of these outdoor living spaces. Any cracks or holes can be repaired, the grills can be uncovered and cleaned up, and the entire outdoor living area can be made comfortable and ready for hangouts and get-togethers.

Change out Filters

The air quality in the inter is much different than that of spring. Spring brings more than just warmer air and pretty flowers, as it also brings pollen. By using the same air filters that you had in the winter, you won't be doing much to protect the air quality within your home. Changing out the air filters means having stronger protection against pollen, especially if someone in the household suffers from asthma. You can even buy filters that are especially designed to filter out larger particles and debris that are found in the air during springtime.

Assess the state of your Front Door

The exterior of your home will face inclement weather from time to time in addition to the general exposure to the elements. This means that having a capable exterior door is paramount to keep out water and harsh air. If you've found that this past winter came with frequent draftiness and the need for towels, it may be time to repair or completely replace the door. Knockety offers a large selection of quality exterior doors that will keep out the elements as well as improve your curb appeal.