How To Decorate Your Exterior To Boost Your Holiday Curb Appeal

How To Decorate Your Exterior To Boost Your Holiday Curb Appeal

Nov 21st 2022

The fall frights are behind you, and the air is growing crisper. You know what that means — it's the most wonderful time of the year!

But, before you dig out all the old lights in the attic and bury yourself in a holiday mess, take some time to plan. Planning how to hang your holiday lights this season can mean the difference between creating an elegant winter wonderland that is the envy of all your neighbors and blowing up the neighborhood like Clark Griswold.

This season, boost your holiday curb appeal by following these preparation and design tips.

Preparing to Hang Your Holiday Lights

The holidays overflow with moments of joy from beginning to end. However, fighting your way through a hose reel full of half-broken Christmas lights and having no idea what you're going to do with them isn't one of those moments. Here's the best way to prepare for holiday success.

Make a Plan

Knowing what you want will save you time when you're shopping. Draw out a plan to help you envision your holiday display — you don't have to be a great artist. Sketch the front of your home and decide which architectural features to highlight, and you'll be able to craft the perfect holiday curb appeal for your home.

Measure What You’ll Need

Tis' the season to save money where you can, and one great way to save this holiday season is to know exactly what you need to achieve your ideal holiday display.

Measuring your roof can be tricky, so measure around the base and you'll at least have a close estimate of what you'll need there. For spiraling lights around columns and running through foliage, you can use a sewing tape measure or string.

Also, don't forget to include the distance to your grounded outdoor outlets.

Take Stock

Once you know how much you'll need, see what you can cover with your current stock of lights. You'll likely be using multiple types of lights throughout your property, so pick a style you already have, measure it out, and see what section it can cover.

And, of course, check for any bulbs or fuses that need to be replaced before you hit the store.

Hanging Lights That Will Maximize Your Holiday Curb Appeal

Whether you're into icicle lights or vintage colored bulbs from the 70s, there's always more you can do to maximize your curb appeal during the holidays and bring the joy of the season to life for your family and neighborhood.

Look Beyond Your Roofline

The eye naturally gravitates upward when planning an incredible holiday light display, but don't forget about your yard. Of course, you should decorate your roofline, but there's much more room for creativity on the rest of your property.

Your front yard garden holds endless possibilities for creating a winter wonderland, exterior doors offer opportunities for subtle elegance, and walkways can light up your guest's journey to your holiday party. Be sure to look beyond your roofline when looking to boost your holiday curb appeal.

Highlight Your Exterior Door

When you're welcoming guests to your home, your exterior door offers them the first feeling of holiday warmth — don't leave it in the dark.

You can highlight your exterior door by outlining it with a warm glow of lights and garland. If you have columns on your front porch, you can wrap the columns in lights, or you can bookend your exterior door with lit foliage like potted bushes or trees.

Additionally, a tasteful wreath with lights is a great way to accentuate a beautiful exterior door and offer your neighbors a welcome feeling of warmth during the cold winter months.

Power Up

If you have a sizeable area to decorate, you'll likely need more than one power source. Look for safely grounded GFCI power stakes. These stakes go right into the ground, have multiple outlets, and can plug into your primary power source. This will ensure that your holiday display is powered safely and looks much better than having numerous strands wrapped around your house to the same power source.

Make Something Stand Out

Everyone will be lighting their trees and bushes — what do you have that they don't? Whether it's a unique birdbath or a custom walkway, make your home's standout elements pop by accentuating their unique features with holiday lights. The holidays are the perfect time to highlight what makes your home special.

Stand Out With A Unique Exterior Door

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