Door Spotlight: Continental 5 Lite Door

Door Spotlight: Continental 5 Lite Door

May 10th 2022

The Continental 5 Lite Door is a beautiful and contemporary wood door with a variety of wood finishes. It includes traditional, antique, and distressed finish options to help you match your home's aesthetic. You can choose from luxury glass options that help you further customize the door to your unique tastes. With pre-hang options and easy-to-use instructions, you are prepared for a DIY installation that fits your existing frame.

Let Knockety help you update your home with the Continental 5 Lite Door.

Product Spotlight: The Continental 5 Lite Door

When you are picking the door that is right for you, you need to know all of its unique features and options. The Continental 5 Lite Door gives you antique, traditional, and distressed options so you can match your door's style with the style of your home.

Finish Options

The Continental 5 Lite Door comes in 12 different finishes from unfinished to a wide range of colors and wood grains. You can choose Traditional Natural, Antique Winter, or even Antique Canyon Brown among your many other options to help you customize your new door.

Door Features

The features of this door include:

  • Door is 1-3/4" thick
  • Trimmable by up to 1/2" on sides and top of the door, and 1" on bottom of door
  • Customizable swing directions and side choices
  • Pre-Finished Pre-Hang option available
  • Bore Hole prep option available for simple installation

Door Glass

The multiple glass panes on this contemporary door are also customizable. You can choose between:

  • Clear (fully transparent)
  • Large flemish
  • Rain
  • Cloud

These unique options let you decide how much light and visibility to let into your home.

Installing Your Continental 5 Lite Door

Once you decide on the options and look of your new door, it is time to begin the installation process. This is actually pretty easy and straightforward because Knockety makes it easy for professionals and DIY installers alike. Here are a few tips to help you get your new door installed.

Measuring the Right Way

Before installing your new door, you should measure the dimensions of your existing external door. You want to take an exact and detailed measurement of this old door. Make sure to write them down so that you know your new door will fit. If you choose to install a slab door, you will want to measure the door's width, height, and depth. You'll want to round up to the nearest inch.

When ordering a pre-hung door, there are some additional measurements you should take as well. These are:

  • The jamb width
  • The exterior opening
  • The rough opening

Taking Out the Old Door and Installing the Continental 5 Lite

While you need the right tools for the job, this is a very DIY-capable process. Installing your new door will depend on whether you are using a slab or pre-hung door in knowing what you will have to do.

  • Once the old door is out, you will take steps such as:
  • Making sure the door sill is perfectly level
  • Lining up the new door with the rough opening
  • Putting in the hinges and connecting the door to the frame
  • Installing lock and handle hardware

There are more steps than can be discussed here. For the full process, look at our front door installation guide.

The Continental 5 Lite Door

Knockety specializes in making quality exterior doors that add a luxury look to your home. Our wood door line offers exterior and entry doors that offer premium features but at an affordable price.

The Continental 5 Lite Door will add value and beauty to your home. You can get increased security, curb appeal, and improved aesthetics with one simple change to the front of your home.