​5 Ways to Protect Your Front Door from the Summer Sun

​5 Ways to Protect Your Front Door from the Summer Sun

Jun 6th 2023

The front door is not only an entrance to your home; it is also a focal point that adds curb appeal and sets the tone for your property's aesthetic. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause significant damage to your front door over time. Sunlight can fade colors, warp materials, and weaken the overall structure. To ensure your front door remains both beautiful and functional, it's essential to take proactive measures to protect it from sun damage. In this article, we will explore five effective ways to shield your front door and extend its lifespan.

Apply a UV-Resistant Finish

One of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your front door from sun damage is to apply a UV-resistant finish. Look for finishes that contain UV inhibitors, as they create a protective barrier that filters out harmful UV rays. Applying this finish not only safeguards the door from fading but also helps prevent warping and cracking caused by excessive heat. Remember to clean and reapply the finish periodically to maintain optimal protection.

Install a Protective Awning or Canopy

An awning or canopy is an excellent investment to shield your front door from direct sunlight. By creating shade, it reduces the door's exposure to UV rays and minimizes heat buildup. Choose a high-quality awning or canopy that is specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Consider the size and design that complements your home's architectural style while providing adequate coverage for your front door.

Add Window Film

If your front door features glass inserts or sidelights, they are particularly vulnerable to sun damage. To protect these areas, consider applying a window film with UV protection. Window films are transparent sheets that can be easily applied to the glass surface. They act as a barrier against harmful UV rays, preventing fading and discoloration. Additionally, window films can enhance privacy and improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer.

Utilize Protective Door Coverings

During periods of intense sun exposure, such as summer months or in regions with harsh climates, consider using protective door coverings. These coverings can include anything from a simple porch curtain to a retractable fabric or bamboo shade. They provide an extra layer of defense against direct sunlight, limiting UV exposure and minimizing damage. Opt for coverings that are easy to install, durable, and weather-resistant for long-lasting protection.

Implement Regular Maintenance

Routine maintenance plays a crucial role in protecting your front door from sun damage. Regularly inspect the door's finish for any signs of wear or deterioration. Clean the surface with a mild detergent and water solution, avoiding abrasive cleaners that may strip away the protective coating. If you notice any cracks or splits, promptly repair or replace damaged sections to prevent further sun-related damage. If the door is beyond repair, it is a good time to replace it with a new door and implement these strategies with your new door. At Knockety, you can explore an expansive variety of exterior door options.

Your front door is not only a functional element but also a reflection of your home's character and style. Protecting it from sun damage ensures its longevity and enhances your property's overall appearance. Proactive care and protection will not only preserve your front door's aesthetics but also save you from costly replacements in the future.