5 Ideas for Accessorizing Your Front Door

5 Ideas for Accessorizing Your Front Door

Apr 25th 2023

You might be someone that uses accessories to show off your style and personality everyday. It might be something like a hat, bracelet, or a pop of color depending on the day. So why not extend that same mentality to your exterior door? It may seem more practical to have no accessories for your front door, but this leaves your home looking incomplete and almost lifeless. Accessorizing your front door will also help you spruce up your home's overall image and boost your curb appeal. So let's explore the top ideas for accessorizing your exterior door.

Potted Plants

Nothing breathes life into a space more than plants. Arranging plants in a certain way will frame your front door and create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Be sure to choose plants that you know how to take care of. If your door is in a shaded area, be sure to choose plants that do well without copious amounts of sunlight.


Just like the accessories you may use on your body, you should be able to have accessories for your door that you can change up on a whim. Wreaths are seasonal accessories that will complement your home throughout the different seasons and holidays. You can put up an autumn-colored wreath for the fall, a wreath covered in daisies for springtime, or even themed wreaths for holidays like St. Patrick's Day and the Fourth of July.

Door Knockers

Whether you have a doorbell or not, a door knocker can elevate the look of your exterior door tenfold. Door knockers give your home an old-timey, classic look and can be customized to fit your overall style and personality. Traditional door knockers feature a simple loop with a ball attached to the end, while others come in the shape of things you'd find in nature. For example, you can have a door knocker of a lion's head holding the knocking tool in its mouth.

Door Straps and Clavos

Straps and clavos refer to the decorative hardware that you can put on any door. Straps serve as a visible hinge for your door and are just as decorative as they are functional. You can find a variety of straps in different designs on Knockety. In addition to straps, there are clavos. Clavos is the Spanish term for "nails" and they are what adhere the straps to your door. The heads of the clavos also come in a variety of designs that can complement both the straps and your door altogether.

A New Door

While a door can't really be called an accessory, a brand new door will certainly elevate your home's look and improve the curb appeal. Your old door might be rickety, covered in dirt, or simply too dull to be eye-catching and inviting. It's time to ditch the old door and choose from a variety of styles, colors, and types of doors that will complement your home and highlight your style and personality. Explore the selection of incredible exterior doors available at Knockety.