4 Hot Home Exterior Trends to Jump on This Year

4 Hot Home Exterior Trends to Jump on This Year

Jun 8th 2022

Before becoming a homeowner, you may not have noticed the difference an exterior door can have on the appearance of your house. It is the centerpiece of every front porch photo you’ll ever take, the sign that you’re finally home, and the barrier between your family and the outside world. So, it’s only natural that you’ll want an aesthetic door that expresses your style and even increases the value of your home. So, how do you what's going to look good? Take into account some of the top home exterior trends you’ll want to jump on this year... Here are four to get you started.

Add a pop of color

There was a time when subtle doors were made to give you entry to a peaceful home. More recently, however, home decor has shifted. It's started to get brighter and more customized. If you’re trying to upgrade the look of your house, choosing a bold color for your front door is one of the easiest ways to give your house more personality. In fact, it’s basically a mini-renovation that will have visitors taking note every time they come knocking. Which color you use is totally up to you, the aesthetic of your home, and the look you’re going for. But you can always look up some top trending colors like Behr’s color of the year for 2022, Sea Glass Green, research top trending colors, or even take inspiration from the nature and landscape seen from your house.

Go natural with wood and lots of light

While a fiberglass door is becoming a trendy option and offers lots of security at a great price, a wooden door has a timeless look. It's trendy now and will also keep a classic appearance for years to come. Pair that with a design that uses lots of window space for natural light, and you’ll have a stunning new entrance to your safe haven. If you want to feel like you’re on MTV Cribs every time you turn your key, you can even consider a sturdier solid wood door that is bound to impress even walkers-by.

Make it extra

Minimalism is so 2015. New trends in exterior doors, as with interior decor, are moving towards maximalism. Why? Because why suppress your style when you can share it from the moment someone comes to your door? Whether you want a fiberglass door with textured glass, or you're looking to play with geometric shapes, this is the time to get more creative with your door.

Go for double

If your home reno offers you the possibility to go for double exterior doors, you can hop on this elite trend that takes your entrance to a whole new level. Not only will it actually facilitate getting furniture in and out of your home — grand piano, here you come! — it also offers double the space for adding intricate details and designs. With an entryway like this, you'll find yourself opening your door to the admiring eyes of friends and family over and over again.

You have dozens of options for style, texture, luminosity, and more when creating the perfect entrance. Take these four trends as a start and surely you'll design the perfect one.