​ Front Door Styles: What Style Is Right For Your Home?

​ Front Door Styles: What Style Is Right For Your Home?

Aug 23rd 2022

Your front door is the entryway that welcomes your guests and sets the tone for your home. There are many front door styles depending on what type of house you have — modern, farmhouse, Cape Cod, Craftsman, and more.

No matter which style you prefer, your exterior door is the finishing piece that brings everything together and makes your house stand out.

So what front door style is the best kind for your house? We'll help you find out in this article.

4 Customizable Front Door Styles

Your home's architecture can often tell you what type of front door is the best. There are four major door styles you can customize to fit your home.

Traditional Doors

Traditional doors are made to match old, classic homes. They typically have artistic wood paneling framing a large glass panel with artistic and intricate patterns. They feature soft lines and European-inspired accents for a truly ornate look.

This type of door is usually stained in rich mahogany or painted, so you can add a touch of vibrant color or make it blend in with the surrounding siding.

Modern Doors

Modern doors are the complete opposite of Traditional doors. They are best for people who love streamlined, edgy designs that play with contrasting materials and geometric angles.

Modern design focuses on letting in natural light, and Modern doors are the perfect reflection of that! In fact, these exterior doors often feature full panes of glass to let in as much light as possible.

They are often colored in gray or black for a sleek look, but they can also be painted a vivid color to make a striking statement.

Colonial Doors

Colonial doors are best for people who want a door that blends into their home. These doors are simple and elegant with the least bit of glass out of all the styles.

They lack the ornate patterns found in other traditional doors. They often feature simple rectangular panels with glass along the top of the door and full-glass side panes.

These doors are best if you're looking for something understated yet refined. You can also use them to bring a splash of color like black, red, or blue to your exterior without being too vivid.

Craftsman Doors

Crafstman houses have become trendy again, so Craftsman exterior doors are making a comeback as well. These versatile doors can blend with almost any style of home. They often feature lightly decorated glass panes along the top half of the door and the side panels.

Craftsman doors are best if you're looking for a natural wooden look for a cottage, bungalow, or home with natural elements in the design. Dark wood stains are the most popular choice to bring out their simplistic charm.

Create the Right Exterior Door Style For You

No matter what type of house you have, there's a door for you. Modern doors really make a statement for modern homes, while Colonial and Traditional doors match really well with simple, classic homes. Craftsman doors are versatile and can be adapted to any home, especially bungalows and cottages.

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