​ 5 Tips for Improved Front Door Security

​ 5 Tips for Improved Front Door Security

Jun 21st 2022

Unfortunately, home burglaries continue to occur across America every day. To help deter criminals from targeting your house, it’s essential to ensure your front door is secure enough to keep these bad actors at bay. Read on to learn 5 useful tips for improving the security of your front door today.

Install Security Lighting

If you live in a busy neighborhood, chances are burglars will attempt to gain access to your home during the night. By simply installing motion-sensing security lighting near your front door, you can make your house much less appealing to thieves who rely on the cover of darkness to hide their activities. For complete security, consider placing security lighting above all exterior doors where someone could potentially break-in.

Consider Buying a New Door

If your front door is old, weak, or hollow, it’s probably a good idea to purchase a replacement that can withstand the stress of a forced entry. For optimal security, think about buying a solid-core door from a reputable manufacturer. Unlike the typical interior doors of a home, a solid-core door is completely reinforced with solid wood or other materials that provide extra weight and structural integrity.

Purchase Front Door Surveillance Equipment

In many cases, simply advertising that your house is protected with video surveillance is often enough to keep criminals away from your property. Install a security camera near the front door and be sure to place home security signs around the home that indicate the premises is under surveillance. You can also think about buying a doorbell video system to monitor everyone who steps onto the porch. This option is an especially good idea for homeowners who regularly have packages dropped off at their door while they’re away.

Replace your Locks

Immediately after moving into a new home, it’s a good idea to have the locks and keys replaced entirely. After all, someone could come across an old spare key to your house that you didn’t know existed. Aside from buying a new deadbolt, consider buying a chain lock as well to add an extra layer of security in case burglars somehow manage to break through the primary locks.

Invest in Rugged, Top Quality Door Hardware

Short or rusty screws are far more likely to break free under the stress of a break-in, so make sure you’re using new screws that are several inches long for both the strike plate and the chain lock. Likewise, you’ll want to ensure the hinges to your door are facing the interior of the home to prevent criminals from attempting to remove the pins to gain entry.

If you’re interested in improving the security of your house, upgrading your front door is a great place to start. At Knockety, we offer a wide range of premium wood and fiberglass doors that are customizable to fit your unique specifications. We also provide top-quality handles and locksets that offer excellent front door security while enhancing your home's curb appeal. Visit Knockety online today to find everything you need in one place.