​ 10 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal for Spring

​ 10 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal for Spring

Apr 12th 2022

You don't need a major renovation or changes to the landscape to increase your curb appeal. Small changes can make a huge difference. Whether that means adding a wreath or a new front door, you can boost your home's value and curb appeal.

These 10 tips can help get your home ready just in time for Spring.

1. Get a New Front Door

A new front door is an inexpensive way to significantly improve your curb appeal. Many beautiful homes still have an outdated exterior door that doesn't match the house's aesthetic. This reduces your curb appeal and even reduces your home's value.

A beautiful front door is a focal point that increases the appeal of your home. A quality door shows you care about your property and take pride in the look of your home. Knockety makes reliable, customizable exterior doors you can trust to keep your home sophisticated and secure.

2. Add Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a simple way to improve Spring curb appeal—even at night. You can emphasize existing landscaping by highlighting it with low-cost LED lighting.

You can strategically place lights along sidewalks, below trees, and along the edge of your home. You can even add or upgrade sconces flanking your front door.

3. Clean Up Your Siding

Just like anything else, a house can get dirty. Your siding is no exception. Even when your home's exterior is in good shape, a quick power wash can make a major difference in how your home looks to visitors.

Powerwashing is a simple and low-cost way to refresh the true color of your home and remove unsightly mildew that impacts your curb appeal.

4. Wash Your Windows

Cleaning your windows improves the quality of your home inside and out. Clean windows reflect light and make your home look brighter and more attractive.

Clean windows also increase the amount of natural light you get inside the home. Your efforts outside can help you enjoy the inside of your home as well.

5. Add Greenery and Landscaping

Greenery and landscaping significantly improve a home's curb appeal. You don't have to do anything drastic. A few bushes and some flowers can make all the difference.

6. Add a New Coat of Paint

Add some new paint to change up your colors or repair any damage. Flaking paint or dull colors can make your home look old. Consider painting window panes, eaves, and molding to increase your home's Spring curb appeal.

7. Improve your driveway

Your driveway takes up a lot of visual real estate and can detract from curb appeal. Repair any driveway cracks and consider resealing asphalt driveways when they get older.

8. Care for your lawn

Early Spring is the best time to take care of your lawn. Mowing regularly keeps your grass looking nice. Seed any patchy spots or add sod to improve your lawn. Edge along flower beds and sidewalks to create a sharp look to your lawn.

9. Mulch flower beds

It's amazing what new mulch can do for your curb appeal. New mulch looks fresh, clean, and well-tended. It also keeps pesky weeds from growing and saves you time tending your flower beds.

10. Add a wreath

Wreaths are not just for Christmas. A Spring wreath beautifies your front door and adds curb appeal to your home. Show your neighbors and passerby that you are ready for the new season.