Wood Dutch Doors

Nothing makes a distinct statement like a country-chic Dutch Door. Use for either your front entry door or your back door. Dating back to the 17th century, and also known as split, double-hung, or Mr. Ed doors, these doors are divided horizontally so that the top half may be opened independently from the bottom. Some of our Dutch Doors offer a contemporary twist on the Dutch door, blending a modern aesthetic with the country classic. Dutch doors allow for open airflow while still providing a barrier to keep the kids and pets inside. A Dutch Door is a unique and yet practical installation to connect the outdoors with the indoors. For traditional design or uber-modern, consider a dutch door to make your entryway special.

The images of all finish options shown throughout this website offer only an indication of the final appearance and due to the natural variations in the texture, grain, and color of wood, the actual appearance will vary. If you'd like to see the finishes in person before ordering a door, finish samples are available for purchase. Click here.

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